Dental Sealants

Whenever we eat something starchy or sugary, our oral bacteria convert the sugars in the food into acid. This acid tends to attack the enamel of the teeth and makes them weaker and more prone to decay. One of the most common spots where decay occurs in the mouth is the biting surface of the back teeth. Let’s understand why. If you run your tongue on the surface of your molars, you will notice that they are rough. They have grooves and depressions on them. These indentations tend to capture food particles and bacteria and become the breeding ground for cavities to occur. The indentations are tough to clean with regular brushing.

Dental sealants are placed on the back teeth to smooth out the grooves and fissures and seal out decay. They can be thought of as a plastic barrier between decay-causing materials and your teeth. Sealants are mostly used in children when their molars first erupt, but they have been found to be equally effective in adult teeth. 

The application of sealants to the teeth is a quick, painless, single-visit process. The sealant is painted on to the tooth surface after roughening it with an etching liquid. Then, we wait for the sealant to dry. A special blue dental curing light may be used to help in drying the sealant. Once we’ve checked that your bite is normal, and all the indentations on your tooth surfaces have been sealed, the process is over, and you can walk out with more protected teeth.Amalgam

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