Inlays and Onlays

Images of the tooth will be taken to create a custom-made restoration. The inlay or onlay blends with the tooth giving it a natural appearance and normal function. Inlays and onlays leave a tooth strong and durable keeping its structure intact. 

An inlay is used when the damage to the chewing surface of a tooth is contained between the cusps (points) of the tooth. It will not cover any of the tooth’s cusps. Unlike an inlay, onlays cover one or more of the tooth’s cusps or points. An onlay can even be used to cover a tooth’s entire chewing surface. An onlay is a great option for tooth restoration when damage is relatively significant, but a dental crown is not needed.

Inlays and onlays are highly durable restorations and can help improve the strength of the tooth by up to seventy-five percent. For more information about these restorations, please call our office at (561) 368-0770.